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Scream Street: Looks Like Trouble scream street looks like trouble
Don't trust what you see – especially in Scream Street, a sanctuary that the government has prepared for monsters of all kinds. This scarily funny book presents two adventures from the popular TV series. In one, young vampire Resus finds a magical mirror in a hidden crypt and swaps places with his reflection – his evil reflection. Is the real Resus trapped in the mirror for ever? In the second story, beautiful shop owner Eefa is actually a 300-year-old witch. When the portrait that keeps her lovely looks intact is accidentally binned, werewolf Luke and his friends have to find and return it to Eefa – or else!
704 руб.
Barry Loser and the Case of the Crumpled Carton scream street looks like trouble
First my new baby brother steals my mum and dad off me. Then I get into trouble for something I didn't even do. Looks like this is a case for Detective Loser!
494 руб.
Scream Street 8: Attack of the Trolls scream street looks like trouble
Now that Luke, Resus and Cleo have worked out how to rid Scream Street of invading normals, they're keen to begin their new quest right away. First stop, Count Negatov's castle! As the trio make their way through the bleak, murky wilds of Transylvania, it seems that this adventure will be dull, but easy. Until, that is, they're kidnapped by trolls…
587 руб.
Scream Street: A Sneer Death Experience scream street looks like trouble
Welcome to Scream Street, where mummies rub shoulders with vampires, leeches and half-skeletal dogs are pets, and where witches sell their wares to zombies. It's a sanctuary that the government has prepared for monsters of all kinds. It's safe most of the time, but corrupt, evil Mayor Otto Sneer is always coming up with plans to profit from Scream Street at the residents' expense. It’s up to the wits and talents of werewolf Luke, mummy Cleo and vampire Resus to save the day. This book presents two humour-filled adventures from the stop-motion animated CBBC television series.
704 руб.
Scream Street 6: Claw of the Werewolf scream street looks like trouble
Luke is now just one relic away from opening the doorway back to his own world and taking his parents from the terrors of Scream Street – but the final search will plunge him into his most dangerous adventure yet. With the help of Resus and Cleo, Luke hunts for the claw of a werewolf and learns something entirely unexpected about Samuel Skipstone, the author who has helped them so much on their quest. The trio are thus forced into a difficult decision, not helped by the presence of a witch convention in Scream Street which is causing havoc in the neighbourhood. The sixth and final relic is almost in Luke’s grasp, but will it ever be his...?
587 руб.
Виниловая пластинка Primal Scream Live In Japan scream street looks like trouble
«Live In Japan» — запись выступления группы Primal Scream в Токио в 2002 году. На виниле выпускается впервые, до этого официально выходил только в Японии.
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