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Deli 7506 6-Digital Automatic Numbering Stamp Machine - White + Silver number machine 7 position automatic numbering machine into the number coding page chapter marking machine digital stamp
Brand: Deli - Model: 7506 - Quantity: 1 - Color: White + silver - Material: ABS + steel - 6-digit numbering stamp system - Auto self-inking auto consecutive numbers - High precision with clear writing - Great for numbering forms documents original prints make raffle tickets packaging products or other situation need serial numbers - Plus ink: - Press the handle down and move the switch to lock it and then take out the ink carriage and add ink; Put the holder back and move the switch to put the handle back - Position 0: Repeats same number continuously - Position 1: Stamps consecutive numbers one after another - Position 2: Repeats number two times then stamps consecutive number two times and so on - Position 3: Repeats number three times then stamps consecutive number three times and so on - If your just need 4-digital please dial the no need number to 0 - Packing List: - 1 x Automatic numbering machine
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