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Baruch  Lev The End of Accounting and the Path Forward for Investors and Managers forward forward ethno the best yet to come ss
An innovative new valuation framework with truly useful economic indicators The End of Accounting and the Path Forward for Investors and Managers shows how the ubiquitous financial reports have become useless in capital market decisions and lays out an actionable alternative. Based on a comprehensive, large-sample empirical analysis, this book reports financial documents' continuous deterioration in relevance to investors' decisions. An enlightening discussion details the reasons why accounting is losing relevance in today's market, backed by numerous examples with real-world impact. Beyond simply identifying the problem, this report offers a solution—the Value Creation Report—and demonstrates its utility in key industries. New indicators focus on strategy and execution to identify and evaluate a company's true value-creating resources for a more up-to-date approach to critical investment decision-making. While entire industries have come to rely on financial reports for vital information, these documents are flawed and insufficient when it comes to the way investors and lenders work in the current economic climate. This book demonstrates an alternative, giving you a new framework for more informed decision making. Discover a new, comprehensive system of economic indicators Focus on strategic, value-creating resources in company valuation Learn how traditional financial documents are quickly losing their utility Find a path forward with actionable, up-to-date information Major corporate decisions, such as restructuring and M&A, are predicated on financial indicators of profitability and asset/liabilities values. These documents move mountains, so what happens if they're based on faulty indicators that fail to show the true value of the company? The End of Accounting and the Path Forward for Investors and Managers shows you the reality and offers a new blueprint for more accurate valuation.
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Farewell Summer forward forward ethno the best yet to come ss

Farewell Summer

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Farewell Summer forward forward ethno the best yet to come ss
In the deceiving warmth of earliest October, civil war has come to Green Town, Illinois, an age-old conflict pitting the young against the elderly for control of the clock that ticks their lives ever forward. The graying forces of school board despot Mr. Calvin C. Quartermain have declared total war on thirteen-year-old Douglas Spaulding and his downy-cheeked cohorts. The boys, in turn, plan and execute daring campaigns, matching old Quartermain's experience and cunning with their youthful enthusiasm and devil-may-care determination to hold on forever to childhood's summer. Yet time must ultimately be the victor, as life waits in ambush to assail young Spaulding with its powerful mysteries--the irresistible ascent of manhood, the sweet surrender of a first kiss . . .
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Eric  Verzuh The Fast Forward MBA in Project Management forward forward ethno the best yet to come ss
The all-inclusive guide to exceptional project management The Fast Forward MBA in Project Management is the comprehensive guide to real-world project management methods, tools, and techniques. Practical, easy-to-use, and deeply thorough, this book gives you answers you need now. You'll find the cutting-edge ideas and hard-won wisdom of one of the field's leading experts, delivered in short, lively segments that address common management issues. Brief descriptions of important concepts, tips on real-world applications, and compact case studies illustrate the most sought-after skills and the pitfalls you should watch out for. This new fifth edition features new case studies, new information on engaging stakeholders, change management, new guidance on using Agile techniques, and new content that integrates current events and trends in the project management sphere. Project management is a complex role, with seemingly conflicting demands that must be coordinated into a single, overarching, executable strategy – all within certain time, resource, and budget constraints. This book shows you how to get it all together and get it done, with expert guidance every step of the way. Navigate complex management issues effectively Master key concepts and real-world applications Learn from case studies of today's leading experts Keep your project on track, on time, and on budget From finding the right sponsor to clarifying objectives to setting a realistic schedule and budget projection, all across different departments, executive levels, or technical domains, project management incorporates a wide range of competencies. The Fast Forward MBA in Project Management shows you what you need to know, the best way to do it, and what to watch out for along the way.
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Костюмы Forward Костюм спортивный forward forward ethno the best yet to come ss
Ветрозащитный костюм ETHNO - истинный выбор Чемпионов! Предназначен для комфортных тренировок в любую погоду. Куртка с застежкой на молнию, боковые карманы на молнии. Капюшон, убирается в воротник. Регулируемая ширина манжет с помощью пат. Ширина по низу куртки регулируется с помощью стоппера на резиновом шнуре. На подкладке карман для документов на застежке-молнии. На верхней части куртки проклеенные швы. Брюки прямого силуэта. По боковым швам застежки-молнии. На передних половинках брюк карманы на молнии.
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Annie's Promise forward forward ethno the best yet to come ss

Annie's Promise

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Annie's Promise forward forward ethno the best yet to come ss
A compelling and moving novel of life in war-torn 1950s Northumberland and London. In the mid-1950s, Britain looks forward to a prosperous future. And Annie Manon has come home to the North-east to keep a promise. Annie is eager to start a new life for her family, and with her fledgling fashion business, she looks forward to providing work for the women of Wassingham. But not everything is rosy. As well as her painful wartime memories, Annie must cope with an accident that cripples her husband and she must deal with the increasingly unreasonable behaviour of their daughter Sarah. When Sarah leaves home for London, Annie is torn between love for her only child and the need to keep her promise to her community...
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Bill  Dodson China Fast Forward. The Technologies, Green Industries and Innovations Driving the Mainland's Future forward forward ethno the best yet to come ss
Will China Surpass the United States as an innovation nation? China is tirelessly working to overcome its technological deficiencies by driving R&D initiatives in government and business and adapting Western Internet platforms for domestic use. It is extending its technological reach through a major drive to rival India as a services outsourcing leader and projecting its high-tech brands into the companies and homes of other countries. But whether China succeeds will depend on how it handles such issues as demography, energy dependency, and resource limitations. The environmental challenges posed by China's vast manufacturing sector are well documented, but what isn't widely realized is that China is actually outstripping the West in all manner of green initiatives, renewable energy investments, research and development funding, and other areas essential to improving the health of the planet. However, omnipresent government intervention, environmental degradation, natural resource exhaustion, and other issues threaten to derail China’s rise to superpower status. As the country meets global challenges on a scale that few nations can match, China Fast Forward takes a look at what lies ahead and why China’s success is important to us all. In this book, Bill Dodson explores China's reincarnation from a closed, agrarian nation into a modern, high-tech superpower bent on literally cleaning up its act. Presents an on-the-ground survey and analysis of China's renewable and clean energy sector that identifies the kinds of projects and technologies Chinese enterprises and local governments are hungry for Includes a discussion on how successful Chinese companies are developing their brands to go head-to-head with the world’s best-known companies Discusses how central government conflicts of interest are actually foiling corporate and official drives to innovation across a range of sectors Taking a look inside China's march toward becoming a sustainable superpower through innovation, China Fast Forward presents a balance sheet of the country's technological and social progress on its path to becoming a world leader.
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Thirteen Days in September forward forward ethno the best yet to come ss
In September 1978, three world leaders representing Israel, Egypt, and the United States met at Camp David to negotiate a peace treaty between the two Middle East nations. Just six months prior, Palestinian militants had murdered dozens of Israelis north of Tel Aviv. Israel had responded by invading southern Lebanon, killing over a thousand Palestinians. During the thirteen-day conference, Begin and Sadat got into screaming matches, had to be physically separated, and each attempted to walk away multiple times. Yet a peace agreement emerged, and has stood for thirty-five years. In these pages, Wright delves deeply into the issues and enmities between Egypt and Israel, contextualizing the conflict and the major participants at the conference from the three heads of state to their mostly well-known seconds working furiously behind the scenes. What emerges is not what we've come to think of as an unprecedented yet "simple" peace. Rather, Wright reveals the full extent of Carter's persistence in pushing peace forward, the extraordinary way in which the participants at the conference many of them lifelong enemies attained it, and the profound difficulties inherent in the process and its outcome.
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