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Desktop Mini Mini Pool Snooker Table Game Set - Green (Size M) desktop mini mini pool snooker table game set green size m
Brand N/A Model N/A Quantity 1 piece(s) per pack Color Brown + Green + Black + Red + Blue + Yellow + Purple + Orange Material Wood and plastic Specification Suitable place: home floor table bed Appropriate to the crowd: suitable for all ages Product efficacy: the baby is a novel toy billiards can be used for entertainment and kindergarten home puzzle toy ability to train children from childhood. This product and the adult pool play children can develop the intelligence of their play in the process of: 1 body movement intelligence (children need to do it yourself to finish this game) 2 the interpersonal intelligence: This product can be played by one person also can play together with others and people skills. 3 logic mathematics intelligence: children in the process and play in nature and remember the number of their goals. 4 natural intelligence: the need to observe the ball into the. 5: language intelligence (with peers or parents Amoy pass) Eye hand coordination 6 can help children better brain in a time of ball impact can stimulate the ear sensitivity. Not only physical exercise enhance thinking. More closer to the distance between you and your child. Let him have a goal in each cheers with confidence! Small household billiard table Mini billiards billiards table for all ages of children Over the weekend very hot outside no entertainment wanted to hang out with family members plan is ruined how to spend this rare holiday time and meaningful? Watch TV surf the Internet read a book but this and the usual day what difference does it make? What activities both leisure and entertainment can and family to share? - put on the billiard table and family a few Bureau... We are happy with the whole night! In her spare time at home or in the company to play a few bar billiards is full of competition and full of entertainment but also exercise the body. Packing List 1 x Table 16 x Balls 2 x 34cm ball pole 1 x Powder 1 x Plastic tri-angle
2492.95 руб.
6002A Mini ABS Table Tennis Snooker Game - Black + Green + Red + Blue desktop mini mini pool snooker table game set green size m
Model 6002A Quantity 1 piece(s) per pack Color Black + Green + Red + Blue Material ABS Specification Not only exercise children's coordination flexibility but also strengthen their competition consciousness enhance self-confidence. A novel toy pool can be used for family entertainment and kindergarten intelligence toy. Packing List 1 x Game table 2 x Sticks 11 x Balls 1 x Triangle frame 6 x Table legs 1 x Plastic cross frame
1765.07 руб.
Mini Table Soccer Game Toy - White + Green + Black desktop mini mini pool snooker table game set green size m
Please refer to: http://dx.com/p/104546 - Color: Green + black + white - Material: Aluminum + vinyl - Compact design and fashionable - Comes with two iron balls - Enjoy football anytime by carrying it in your handbag
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