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DVD Sweet Action! The Ultimate Story action the ultimate story cd page 5
Новый тройной DVD, в семи часовую программу которого вошли все легендарные хиты Sweet как в видеоклипах, так и с живых выступлений на самых популярных ТВ-шоу, таких как легендарное шоу “Top of the Pops” на BBC. Фанаты смогут насладиться такими раритетными записями как документальный „All That Glitters” , сольные видеоклипы Энди Скотта на „Lady Starlight“ и „Krugerrands“ или ранний „Elastic Band“, исполнение „Mr. Rose“, альтернативные версии из шоу „Top of the Pops“ и труднодоступные исполнения из „45“, „The Geordie Scene“, 70-х „New Year’s” TV-Special плюс ТВ-шоу 90-х и 2000-х.
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The Imitation Game: Level 3 (+ CD) action the ultimate story cd page 5
Based on the award-winning 2014 film, "The Imitation Game" tells the true story of cryptanalyst Alan Turing and his brilliant team of code-breakers as they crack the famous Enigma Code during World War II. Full colour stills from the award winning film bring story to life and a two-page Fact File section provides supplementary material on the story background.
499 руб.
Page Turners 5: The Secret Beach action the ultimate story cd page 5
Lucas and his friends have the best surfing beach in town, and they want to keep it that way. So when Jerry and the city boys demand a piece of the action, it soon becomes an all-out war - for the beach, the surfing trophy, and the heart of the beautiful
509 руб.
Superman: The Man of Steel: Believe action the ultimate story cd page 5
This all-ages Superman collection includes ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN DIGITAL CHAPTER 1, ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN №623, ACTION COMICS №810, SUPERMAN №185, the 2-page origin story from SUPERMAN: FOR TOMORROW and SUPERMAN 80-PAGE GIANT №1 and 2. Also included is Grant Morrison's touching story from Action Comics №0 THE BOY WHO STOLE SUPERMAN'S CAPE about a young boy who steals an injured Superman's cap and uses it to stand up to his abusive father.
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The Three Little Pigs (+ CD) action the ultimate story cd page 5
In Lift-the-Flap Fairy Tales: The Three Little Pigs, the traditional fairy tale is retold in irreverent, playful rhyme that's perfect for reading aloud, and brilliantly accompanied by Nick Sharratt's bright and vibrant illustrations. There are flaps to lift and pop-up surprises on every page: see what happens when the wolf huffs and puffs, be quick and close the doors and windows in the house of bricks, and watch the page pop up as the big bad wolf comes falling down the chimney! Includes a free audio CD read by Anna Chancellor, with two tracks: listen to the story alone, or follow along with the book by turning the pages when you hear the chime.
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Ray Charles: The Ultimate Collection (3 CD) action the ultimate story cd page 5
Представляем вашему вниманию альбом Ray Charles. The Ultimate Collection, один из лучших и наиболее полных сборников Рэя Чарльза.
799 руб.
Sade: The Ultimate Collection (2 CD) action the ultimate story cd page 5
Альбом Sade. The Ultimate Collection включает в себя как хиты прошлых лет, так и абсолютно новые песни. С 1984 года группа выпустила 6 дисков.
449 руб.